Sunday, November 11, 2018

Could I ever be Vegan/Vegetarian………Probably Not!

My base for eating partners has broaden significantly as of recently.  Before this sudden and unexpected (God is so good) surge, you could count on maybe a hand and a half, of who I would be sitting across the table from for any meal.  Going out to eat included my twins, my sister, and my sister friends.  I would occasionally have lunch with a co-worker or two but, since most of my lunches are spent at my desk, those are few and far between.
But now, I have this sudden influx of eating partners and by chance (?) the majority are either vegan or vegetarian.   This could be solely related to the fact I have been breaking bread with more bloggers, writers, and poets.  I don’t believe being vegan or vegetarian is a requirement when selecting those as your chosen field???  But it has become increasingly suspicious since the percentage rate of vegan or vegetarian meal choices by my eating partners are related to those professions. 
I consider myself to be a foodie.  I have and will try any variety of foods.  I used to say I would try anything at least once, but I have seen enough episodes of Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern shows to know that is a blatant lie.  Tempt me to try a Coconut Tree Grub or Horse Rib and Rectum Sausage, and you should have the Fear Factor barf bucket at the ready. 
I have not found that to be the case for vegan/vegetarian foods.  There have been times when ordering and eating a vegan meal, I have forgot to be upset about my meal being meat, dairy, or eggs free. 
I recently went to an awesome local vegan restaurant with another writer.  After perusing the menu, I ordered the Sheep’s Pie.  It is the vegan equivalent of the classic Shepard’s Pie from the perspective of the sheep instead of the shepherd.  It came with peas, carrots and mushrooms in gravy covered with fluffy mashed potatoes.  I opted to add Seitan, wheat gluten, as my meat substitute.  Honestly, had my stomach not been to capacity I would have licked the dish clean! It was that good!
I am also cooking more vegetable-based meals at home.  My commute home from work is pretty lengthy, so by the time I arrive home it is late.  My go-to meal on those days is typically, olive oil sautéed veggies and riced cauliflower.  Even when I have 2 to 3 servings of both, my calorie count is minimal, and I am done cooking in roughly 10 minutes.  So, I guess, I am currently bordering on the Lacto-vegetarian spectrum.  Lacto-vegetarians include some dairy products, such as milk and cheese, in their plant-based diet.
So, as you can see, I am probably 80% close to being allowed to call myself a writer/blogger.  But here is the kicker………. RIBS!!!
I have such a love of ribs that, get this, I may or may not have dated someone just a little longer than I should just because he could barbeque the H#&& out of some ribs!!  I am not saying it was right, just stating the facts!  It’s not about the entirety of the pig either.  I have NEVER liked pigs’ feet, pig ears, chitlin’s, or hog maws.  Please don’t revoke my southern black card.  I also have no problem with saying no to ham or bacon (I mostly eat turkey bacon now anyway).  But just the smell of ribs cooking on the grill sends my glands to salivation. 
Once upon a time I did attempt to walk away from them.  The first time I heard Prince say he didn’t serve ribs as lyrics to “Get Off”, I wanted to oblige my bae’s wish.  If Prince could not get me to leave ribs alone, let’s just say I am going to need a direct word from Jesus y’all! 
So, to my newly obtained vegan/vegetarian blogger, writer, poet friends please be aware.  One of these days when asked to pick the restaurant to meet at, do not be surprised when you pull into Big Boy’s Southern Style Barbeque!!  I would suggest ordering a slice of white bread, that would be your sole choice that day!!

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