Wednesday, November 28, 2018

#CountryBougie or #BougieCountry

I am coining a new phrase to describe myself, maybe even a hashtag.  Country Bougie.  #countrybougie. 
I discovered this oxymoron during time with my family for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I am from what could be termed as a pretty big city. This Thanksgiving I decided to spend time in a small (almost microscopic) town with my extended family.  I hadn’t been to my dad’s home town since I was a small child, when my mom would send myself and siblings to visit during summer vacations.  During those visits, it was a working farm, so vacation was a term used loosely.  We were up early to start chores until called by my grandmother for breakfast.  Ham, eggs, biscuits, homemade preserves were some of the mouth-watering delicacies we indulged.  But then it was back outside to continue what we started.  Sometimes, I forgot we were supposed to be working.  My siblings and I would run around, play games, and eventually complete our chores.  I loved those summers!!
Soon enough we would become moody teenagers and were given options for our summers.  The thoughts of good food and running around a farm faded to be replaced by boyfriends/girlfriends, summer jobs that paid money, and late rising to a bowl of cereal and Voltron. 
But as I drove down those long roads last week it triggered all those happy memories of years ago.
I strolled around that land and felt a sense of belonging.  Like every step on the ground wrapped around my feet and pulled me into the land.  I became a country girl. 
I had identified before, things that could be country tendencies in my life.  I have been a long lover of Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Darius Rucker, Faith Evans and Tim McGraw.  Even though JJ Grey is more on the bluesy side, I have gone to concerts and festivals solely based on his presence.  I grew up singing folk music while wearing a checkered maxi dress all throughout my elementary school years and still know all the lyrics to Froggy Went A-Courtin’.  I know how to play the auto-harp.  Love horseback riding, baking, and my previously mentioned obsession with barbeque ribs.  Like I said, country tendencies.
 But here’s the kicker……I am bougie too!!
I love designer handbags, make-up, and business suits with high heels.  I change my hair about every three weeks or so and get mani/pedi’s with equal frequency.  Sure, I love country foods but also admire Indian, Asian, Italian, and French.  Along with country artist, I also listen to Jazz, Opera, R&B, and Neo-Soul music.  Yep, not full blown bougie, but definitely on the bougie spectrum.
Hench my new term/hashtag.  I am now inventing myself to be Country Bougie or Bougie Country interchangeably.  There is not really a difference between the two, it mostly depends on the playlist of the day.  J

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