Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Starfish and Coffee!

I am a Prince fan!!  I’m not talking about the kind of fan who gets excited when Purple Rain comes on the radio or attempts to sing all the lyrics to Kiss.  The kind of fan who fell off the band wagon when he changed his name to The Symbol and the media deemed him The Artist formerly known as Prince.
 I am talking about borderline psychotic, shrine in my bedroom, knows all the B side songs, cried like a widow upon his death (no seriously I had to leave work) and wept like a baby when given the opportunity in Amsterdam to hold one of his actual guitars.  I mean PRINCE’s ACTUAL guitar!!  I swear I am not making this up, I am including photos!! J  Last year for Christmas I received both a sealed, shadow-boxed copy of the Purple Rain album and a piece of metal wall art with his picture.  Yes, I got it bad!! (sorry Usher)
One of my favorite songs written and performed by bae, Prince, is Starfish and Coffee.  I love it not only because of its uniqueness but I could relate to what was in Cynthia’s lunchbox.  You will have to google it you NON-Prince fans! Really, really, I can’t believe you don’t know!
I digress….
Growing up, my dad #2 loved fishing.  So, what seemed like EVERY Friday night we had fish of some kind for dinner.  Brim, Snapper, Catfish and Mullet.  Whatever he pulled out of the river we ate.  We would also usually have some biscuits with that southern staple of Alaga syrup.  Do they still sell Alaga syrup anyone?? Um, I will have to check the shelf at Publix supermarket.  I am pretty sure it would not be up on a Whole Foods shelf.  I see you out there being boujee! 
One Friday, we were having our usual fried fish with biscuits and syrup.  I am not sure who was the first to discover it, but it became known that when the Alaga syrup flowed over to the ketchup and mustard covered fish, Magic happened!  There you go being boujee again!!  Don’t knock it until you try it.  Even until this day, my siblings and I still love this unique combination!  It may be the uniqueness of the dish itself that makes it taste so good.  But just like you may be right now, others think it’s gross.  They wonder how anyone could possibly eat such a thing.  LOL...I feel the same way about Kimchee or Pig’s feet or Gefilte Fish or Tofu.
That fried fish with syrup is the Starfish in my Coffee.
Just like Cynthia Rose, there is a freeing moment when you begin to enjoy being uniquely you.  The realization you are in competition with only you and YOU are winning!!  We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Not some of US but all of US!  Own it! Love it!  
Cynthia Rose knew that.  Prince most definitely knew that!  A beautyful dark skin girl knows it too!!
Do you??

Told you!! 💜

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