Saturday, December 22, 2018

Are You Really That Beautyful!

Recently……. okay being honest it was just today.  I had someone DM me to ask if I REALLY think I am beautiful.  I did not answer the DM and my hope is that person reads my blog because I am choosing to answer the question here.

Do you think you are that beautiful??  Heck Yeah!!

Have you seen this dark ebony skin?  I once paid a lot of money for a purse simply because it was this perfect blend of Hershey’s and Godiva.  So of course, I think being a breathing, talking, walking version of that color is priceless.
Have you seen these large eyes?  Walk into your local pet store and not fall in love with tiniest of puppies with the biggest of eyes.  Go ahead, I dare you!  So of course, when I look in the mirror and these large eyes stare back at me, I fall in love too.
What about them thick thighs?  Have you ever watched a sporting event, especially with women athletes?  The strength and explosion they exhibit with their thighs reminds me of gazelles AND lions!  So of course, whether I am in a pair of Converse or 6-inch heels, I strut on these legs.
Well what about that kinky hair?  Wars were fought, and millions of people died over the soft, frizzy, fluff of cotton.  It costs lives!!  So of course, as I twist, braid, and twirl my kinks into this style or that I feel no less than Cleopatra or Nefertiti.
So again, person in my DM, Do I REALLY think I am worthy of the moniker Beautyful Dark Skin Girl??
Of course, I am fearfully and wonderfully made by a God who made flowers, sunrises, rainbows and Prince! 😄
A resounding, YES!!
And I hope that you do too!

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