Wednesday, December 12, 2018

It's Time......When Grace Meets Growth!!

I have been on this awesome journey of spiritual, intellectual and emotional growth.  It has not always been easy, but it has definitely been worth it. 
I am a music lover, especially when song lyrics speak to me and/or a situation, music is a monumental part of my life.  Kirk Franklin has lots of songs with some awesome lyrics.  Though provoking, foot tapping singing in the shower type of music.  One in particular is, It’s Time. 
The lyrics state, “When destiny and victory finally collide, there no sound more sweeter then when God says it’s time!!”  I feel like I am right smack in the middle of this song.
The doors that are opening, the blessings that have been falling in my lap, and the peace that I have been feeling through it all.  In reality I should be exhausted, and probably freaking out with everything going on right now but nope.  Because I know I did not devise this, it also let’s me know I am not in control of it. 
Please don’t think that knowledge negates the fact I have stuff to do!  I won’t be sitting back on my haunches waiting for opportunities to knock on my door.  I am committed to using the gifts God has given me and running down every path He leads me to. 
I am blessed to be a blessing!!
I am a successful to show others they can have success!!

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