Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Am I Ready For Marriage??

My favorite guilty pleasure TV shows is “Married At First Sight”. 
The premise of the show is experts in spirituality, sexuality, and relationships meet with groups of men and women who have volunteered to be a part of the show.  The experts then, based on a series of interviews and interactions, match the couples to be married sight unseen. 
The matched couple goes through the process of planning their nuptials by buying a gown, tuxedo, and rings.  They select bridesmaids and groomsmen.  They also go through the process of writing marital vows.  But they never lay eyes on each other until the day they meet at the altar.    
Of course, arranged marriages are as old as time itself.  Adam and Eve were totally set up by God (the ultimate matchmaker) and were married as soon as Adam “woke up”!!  Yes, there were some things Adam and Eve had to work through.  Eve was not a good listener and maybe a bit bossy.  Adam was an intellectual (He did name all the animals) but he was also a push over instead of being the head of the household. 
So, in watching this show every week, I questioned if I would be able to marry a stranger at first sight.  After some thought, my answer would be absolutely! 
Some things I learned from going through a divorce, is firstly, we go THROUGH it.  There is an end to the stress and emotions experienced when divorcing.  It does not last forever.  Secondly, it is possible to actually live with someone and not really know them even after years.  Thirdly, and my most important lesson learned is I survived.  During the process, I did not believe I would but when I reached the end, there I was standing strong.  No conqueror knows they are a conqueror until the fight is over. 
It’s learning those lessons that leads me to believe I could marry someone through an arranged marriage process.  Just as couples can marry and grow out of love, they can marry and grow in love.
So, don’t be surprised if one day my blog post is, “Guess what everyone?!? I’s married now (in my best Sug Avery voice)”.

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