Thursday, March 21, 2019

When Spirituality Meets Style

I've gotten a lot of compliments lately about my outward appearance. I've been hearing everything from "your make up is wonderful" to, "you look younger".  I typically give a broad appreciative smile and say thank you!!
I know it was just a matter of months ago I wrote a post titled, Could I Ever Be Vegan, Probably Not.
If you remember that blog post. I harped on the fact that I could probably never become vegan due to my love affair with ribs. Okay so they got me!!
That's right no dairy, no eggs or honey and yesssss... No meat! That includes the afore mentioned ribs.
Well they say there are only two things that are constant in life death and taxes. So I'm excited to say I've officially been vegan for over to months now. The changes mentally, physically and spiritually have been nothing short of amazing.
I made the change literally overnight. One day I was eating meat, the next day eating everything  but meat, eggs, dairy or honey.
Stop making that face!!! 😝
Once I got over my perspective of what a vegan diet consisted of it has been extremely easy transition.  There's so much to my eating that I can honestly say that I have not missed meat at all.  I also have the great vegan restaurants in my area, you have not lived until you have had the potpie from Dixie Dharma! 
I would bet my favorite tie dyed t-shirt on it...stop it, you know good and well I don't own a tie dye shirt (yet?!?.
So I know you are probably wondering what exactly pushed me over the edge to a vegan lifestyle. Honestly, it is primarily health related. My family background has cancer, diabetes, stroke and heart disease. In order to lessen my propensity to these diseases I decided a vegan diet is the most conducive. Best decision ever!!!
Since its onset almost three months ago I've increased in energy during the day and sleep better at night.  My skin is smoother and clearer, hence being told I look younger.  My hair has grown and I have far less shedding than previously.  I do have to warn you though.  Just like any other lifestyle, everything in moderation.  There is pretty much a vegan version of EVERYTHING.  Cake, cookies, ice cream, cheese, fast food, Asian food.  Vegan options can be super calorie laden.  But I am happy to say the vegan lifestyle just works for me, so I have lost some weight as well.

I was challenged in the beginning of the year to come up with one word that describes myself for 2019.  Immediately, i heard BLOOM!!  I intransigently felt in this year I would be in a season of Spiritual Bloom.

A byproduct of this is an increased sense of style.  Playing with colors and patterns, hats, headscarves, contacts, funky glasses, and makeup. It's like my personal style is in bloom too!!
Embracing of who I am as a child of God and feeling empowered to express the woman I enjoy being. 

Spirituality and Style have collided!!

My challenge to you is to find your One Word for the rest of the year.  Then take that thing you've always wanted to do and water the heck out of it!!